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Hey friends welcome to chime coaching today we're going to talk about the inventory and condition to swarm so check it out Music I'm here with my friend Rohit go ahead and introduce yourself, so I'm going to carpool I'm just buying the UPD for I and miss an idea, and I'm from chapters got India, so that's the introduction, and we're just making some chai anywhere that's it smells perfect let's take a look yeah you're just making me what kind of things do you have in your chai right we have like water then of course water, and we have this deep water and credit available that I've got from India and put some like Ninja here and sugar and there's a tangle in what the 7c yes totally you're dancing whatever could that propel them that really smells good, so this is the inventory and conditions form which is very important whenever you first move into an apartment you're going to have to fill this out in the first couple of days, so it's important about the conditions form is you have to mark down every mistake in America everything is pukka not cut yeah and so if you forget something they're going to charge you for it later on and so any scratch any mark any discoloration any bugs any trash anything at all you need to you know fill this out with full details and then take pictures of things that you have it free records and that way whenever you shift out of your apartment they can't charge you for it, you're not responsible so the more details the more you know scrutiny you put the more money you're going to save whenever you move your apartment yes he's really right and what happens when you move it we are so busy every like on attending the orientation and everything we don't care about it, so we should care about it because when we're going to leave this apartment develop our just really, really high so make sure that you mentioned everything at the anything broken anything you don't like it, so you should mention it in this form and just get it done so you can do doesn't get charged in the future when the department that's so important, so we're going to take a look around see if we find some things and then share some examples for you guys yes all right we've got our chai tasty, and now we're going to go look around and see what we can find we found a couple parts on the window here that are a little broken so even though this is very minor you want to write these things down, so you won't get charged for them, it's also good to check and make sure the windows you know they work go up and down check for the blinds make sure they go up and down none of those are broken as well yes, and you check for the switchboards because some of them might not walk yeah check all the power points all the electric plugs make sure they work you know use a charger or something yes check the kitchen make sure everything's clean nothing's broken or dirty all the doors work of the refrigerator you said with a dirty yes it was that day, so we have to clean it and...
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